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Please see below for a range of general questions we are asked on a regular basis. If you cannot find the answer to your question here or require a more detailed answer please feel free to contact us. Click each question to view the answer.

1. Why deal with ICSolutions?

ICSolutions has over 30 years experience installing and servicing quality brand systems on the Sunshine Coast. Our standard of “Service is our Strength” is not taken lightly – we strive to carry that philosophy through to all facets of our business.

You will find that every aspect of dealing with us is both personal and professional. We care about your business and the outcomes that we achieve together. From your first meeting with our Communication Consultants, the installallation ofAi??the system, through to the training session, you will find a smooth and efficient procedure.

Our systems come with the ICSolutions 30 Day Money Back Guarantee – if you are not satisfied with any technical aspect of the system, we will replace it or give you back the full price of the system.Ai??

2. I need to transfer calls to my on-road staff, can I do that with a phone system?

Yes you can, and with the right telephone system, and smart technical programming, your customer calls can go directly to your field staff. Staff can divert their individual extensions to their mobiles when out of the office by the press of a button. It’s that Simple!

Your staff are always in touch with their customers, and capable of making extra profits for your company all the time. As a result, your customers won’t go elsewhere!

3. What is ADSL and how can it improve my business functions?

Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL)

ADSL is not just fast, it is superfast access to the Internet

Discover how ADSL can help you grow your business by saving you time, money and improving your Internet experience.
ADSL benefits:

  • Fast.
  • Economical.
  • Convenient.
  • Multiple user capability.

4. What is VOIP?

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) meets the challenge of combining voice networks and packet networks by allowing both voice and signaling information to be transported over your data network.

Organizations are pursuing solutions that will enable them to take advantage of excess capacity on broadband networks for voice, fax, and data transmission, as well as utilize the Internet and company Intranets as alternatives to costlier mediums.

5. What is CTI?

Linking your Computer to your Phone System.

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) adds an exciting new dimension to managing communications and information. CTI provides you with a link between two previously separate systems, your telephone system and your IT network, utilising the full power of both, and delivering substantial benefits in enhanced customer service and personal productivity.

Whether it is the ‘one click’ convenience of dialling directly from your database, having database records automatically ‘screen pop’A? for incoming calls, or managing your entire communications more easily and effectively from your desktop, CTIAi??isAi??the solution.

Call Kerry Wolski on 5451 8888 to discuss.

6. What are the benefits of ISDN?

ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network), is the Digital Exchange Line Network from Telstra that was introduced to Australia as an alternative to the basic PSTN analogue lines. One major feature of this product, Direct Indial, allows your regular customers to call your staff directly without going via reception saving your customers and staff valuable time. You can also allocate your Indial calls to Sales or Service groups for faster response, or redirect individual numbers for convenience.

Other benefits of ISDN are:

  • ISDN can upgrade your analogue line to two digital lines to cater for everyone from home users to small businesses and branch offices of large corporations
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  • Each digital connection can carry both voice and data services
  • A greater bandwidth – 2 x 64Kbps or 128Kbps for quick safe and clear transfer of data including graphics, studio-quality videos and large data files plus speedy Internet and email access
  • Only one service connection is required for telephones, faxes and computers allowing people to work remotely in the field or at home
  • Video conferencing facilities with live, full-colour, two-way video, audio and data communication

7. Do I need separate cabling for my phone system?

In most cases no, you can use your existing network infrastructure and the voice packets take precedence over data packets.

For an obligation free design and quote, send us an enquiry via our contact form, or call 07 5451 8888.

8. I run a small business from home – why use a telephone system, instead of the ordinary phones I have now?

With a small business at home, you may have a business line, a residential line and a fax/modem line. You could also have a cordless piggy-backed to your business line so that you don’t miss those client calls when you are lazing around the pool! And you most likely have an answering machine.

The disadvantages of this set up are:

  • Your residential calls are only accessible from the fixed phone they come in on.
  • You can’t transfer calls between the phones.
  • You can’t portray a professional approach by placing your caller on hold while you check information or do a quote.
  • You have cables and sockets all over the place.

WITH A SMALL TELEPHONE SYSTEM, you can terminate all the lines onto the system, replace your touch phones with system extensions, and have the use and appearance of all the lines at each extension. You can identify if it’s a business call coming in, or a residential call; you can put caller’s on hold or transfer them to another part of the house, and you can integrate your cordless and fax machine into the system as well.

You can see which extensions are busy even though they are at opposite ends of the house, and transfer either residential or business calls to and from the cordless. One of the best features is for when you finish your working day, you can have the business lines diverted to the answering machine, and have only your private calls going to the house. This allows you to manage your calls and not be disturbed when you don’t want to be.

9. Why do I need a Service Contract?

Contracted clients get priority service with free parts and labour during their contracted times, as well as “special” reduced rates for emergency callouts and technical phone support after hours. You have life insurance, house insurance and vehicle insurance, why put your business at risk and lose $$$$ in revenue.

Your phone system is the way your customers keep in touch with you, it is your business’ life-blood!Ai?? If calamity strikes your business, you can rest assured that you won’t have to pay a huge bill for an Emergency call out when you have an ICSolutions Service Agreement in place. Please call us on 5451 8803 to discuss your needs and ask for a quote.

NOTE: Acts of nature are not covered; check that your insurance policy covers for lightning strikes, storm and tempest.

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    Carvosso & Winship Buderim

    IC Solutions has provided our telephone systems for many years. We recently moved our offices and IC Solutions again attended to all of our communication needs. We certainly found their tag-line, service is our strength to, again, be true. An IC Solutions technician installed all the data cabling and communication systems in our new office and supplied our new phone system. On the day of our move, IC Solutions co-ordinated the telephone number and internet number transfers with Telstra.  They worked seamlessly with the Telstra technician and our IT consultant to ensure that there was minimal interruption to our business on the day of the move. Integrated Communication Solutions is a valued business partner of this firm.

    Gary Hopkins Carvosso & Winship Buderim

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