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We deliver on-time and on-budget and our work is guaranteed. ICSolutions has completed many different projects with a wide range of requirements and specifications.

Please click to expand each case study below for examples on how we have tailored a solution specifically for these organisations. If you require more information on our services or would like advice on how we can help you choose the right solution for your business please do not hesitate to contact us.

Case Study 1 – Sunshine Coast TAFE

The Brief

TAFE have 6 campuses located on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. They required an IP Phone System that, first and foremost, was cost effective, while controlling up to 1500 handsets running over a Unisys managed network and be easily managed by TAFE internal IT staff. Calls made internally were to be free from cost, utilizing SIP; outbound/incoming calls were to be controlled through Telstra exchanges and onramps at each TAFE campus.
Full redundancy or fail-over was required as outlined in their brief. Existing cabling and Cisco switches were to be used with little or no budget set for upgrading. To add to the complexity of the project, TAFE required a fully functional Call Center application that monitored and reported to management on incoming calls and their 15 agent daily activities, all in real time.
A national tender was called through GITC.


A variety of PBX platforms were considered by ICS.
Mitel with their considerable support facilities, enterprise solutions, vendor supported software and proven reliability was the obvious choice for ICS to partner with, knowing full well that other vendors would be aggressively vying for this high profile account.
Working closely with ICS Software Engineer Manager, Damien Saron and Senior Sales Consultant Joanne Devers, Mitel outlined hardware and software requirements ensuring a seamless transition to the new Mitel platform.

ICS was awarded the contract due to the proximity of our offices, our knowledge of the TAFE infrastructure and our excellent working relationship with Mitel and Telstra.

ICS installed 4 Controllers over 6 sites, operating 680 IP Mitel handsets. Full redundancy was achieved by installing Mitel controllers with duel power supplies and hard disk drives. In addition, all handsets have the ability to seek out an operational Mitel controller located in other Campus sites. If lines into the campus are severed the final stage of redundancy is to take the outbound calls out over the Telstra Next G network via 3G Dialers.
The Call Center is fully functional with over 400 reports on daily activities available to Management.
Free calls are achieved Campus-to-Campus utilizing SIP and a 4 number extension number.
Three months after being awarded the tender contract, ICS commissioned the Mitel without delay and ahead of schedule.

Case Study 2 – SunCoast Cabs

The Brief

SunCoast Cabs had an antiquated phone system that did little more than handle the thousands of calls that came into their premises to book a cab every week.
SunCoast Cabs required a robust, easy to use phone system that integrated to an existing database of over 20,000 names and addresses. In addition a 15 seat Call Center needed to be fully managed and reported on, on a daily basis.

Cost of ownership was an important consideration by the Board of Directors and the internal stakeholders of the project.
Comprehensive IVR software (Interactive Voice Response) was required that could seamlessly route calls through to Agents at the Call Centre or, should the incoming number be recognized by the database, interact with the caller to confirm current address.

Phone system redundancy was a prime requirement as was local support and on-going management of the selected system.
Future requirements (wish list) included deployment of wireless internet access into each of the 190 vehicles currently operated under the SunCoast Cabs banner and the management of over 200 mobile phones.

Due to the nature of this business, the on call agents needed to be notified as incoming call traffic intensified while Call Center reporting identified the peaks and troughs of this traffic for the following week agent roster.

The Solution

Accepting that the Mitel system would handle the traffic with ease, ICS concentrated on the ancillary software products that would distinguish our offering from our formidable competitors.
Extensive research was conducted by the ICS Sales and Engineering departments into IVRs available both overseas and within Australia. Stratum a Melbourne based IVR development company was selected to team with ICS, while the Mitel Call Center and Mitel Intelligent Que applications were selected due to the power and extensive reporting functionality of both programs.

ICS won the business after close attention to the needs of Cabs was not only achieved, but very clearly exceeded. ICS was able to demonstrate their superior after sales service and a commitment to being there for the long haul.
To ensure continuity of supply ICS deployed best of breed products that not only complemented the Mitel but enhanced available features, these vendors and their products include Telstra, H.P. Servers, H.P. Switches, and Krone wall sockets. The Mitel system is equipped with a second hard drive and power supply that have yet to be needed.

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    Carvosso & Winship Buderim

    IC Solutions has provided our telephone systems for many years. We recently moved our offices and IC Solutions again attended to all of our communication needs. We certainly found their tag-line, service is our strength to, again, be true. An IC Solutions technician installed all the data cabling and communication systems in our new office and supplied our new phone system. On the day of our move, IC Solutions co-ordinated the telephone number and internet number transfers with Telstra.  They worked seamlessly with the Telstra technician and our IT consultant to ensure that there was minimal interruption to our business on the day of the move. Integrated Communication Solutions is a valued business partner of this firm.

    Gary Hopkins Carvosso & Winship Buderim

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