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IP Telephony

Get the best of both worlds

The days of two separately installed and maintained cabling networks in your office are now as outdated as Lava Lamps and purple flared trousers (although the separated cabling networks will not make a come back to make a fashion statement!) At ICSolutions, we install and recommend a fully integrated Cabling network that encompasses all your voice and data requirements (ie, telephone, fax and eftpos etc represent voice grade traffic, whilst computers, printers, routers, hubs, switches etc represent data based traffic).

A typical Patch Panel for 48 wall sockets includes the mate for the wall sockets (top of left picture), the telephone extensions (bottom of left picture), data switch/router/ADSL Modem (middle of left picture), a Krone style distribution frame (lower-middle of right picture) & a surge protected power rack (lower half of right picture).

This provides a very flexible installation, where multiple sockets located at each work station or desk are able to have their functionality easily changed by the Customer at will.

Each socket at the workstation is numbered, with a corresponding socket with matching numbering located back at the Patch Panel. The matching socket at the patch panel is then connected via coloured Patch Leads to computer hubs/switches, to an extension point of your telephone system or to any other service as required (we use different colours to quickly determine voice from data).

All cabling provided by ICSolutions is completed to full Australian Communications Authority regulations and is designed to comply with Category 5e standards to ensure your data network is fast and reliable.

Business grade reliability

Our IP Telephony solutions are delivered across the Telstra Next IP network, using Class of Service prioritisation and management of voice quality. This ensures that your entire team can count on business grade voice quality and reliability from their IP Telephony.

Enhanced functionality

You can also simplify operation and management of your telephony systems when you switch to our IP Telephony.

The advantages include:

  • intuitive, desktop-based control for users
  • simple, real-time administration for system managers
  • seamless flexibility for mobile and remote users

A single phone system for every location

By having your telephony services delivered as a network-based solution, you can avoid the cost of purchasing and installing a separate phone system for each of your business locations. Removing the need to manage CPE, capacity planning, licenses, integrators, vendor contracts, and separate voice and data operations can lead to significant ongoing savings. What's more, if your business has a dedicated Telstra Next IP network, integrating your telephony with your data network can help you to optimise that investment.

Migrate at your own pace

To help smooth your migration to Telstra IP Telephony, you can deploy your overall solution by one office or worksite at a time.

  • Testimonials

    Carvosso & Winship Buderim

    IC Solutions has provided our telephone systems for many years. We recently moved our offices and IC Solutions again attended to all of our communication needs. We certainly found their tag-line, service is our strength to, again, be true. An IC Solutions technician installed all the data cabling and communication systems in our new office and supplied our new phone system. On the day of our move, IC Solutions co-ordinated the telephone number and internet number transfers with Telstra.  They worked seamlessly with the Telstra technician and our IT consultant to ensure that there was minimal interruption to our business on the day of the move. Integrated Communication Solutions is a valued business partner of this firm.

    Gary Hopkins Carvosso & Winship Buderim

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